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Our Approach

We are dedicated to advancing a novel class of conditionally activated proinflammatory immune modulators.

Our design-focused approach allows us to address limitations of current immuno-oncology therapies with the goal of expanding effective treatment options for a wider range of patients.

Our PREDATOR™️ protein engineering technology leverages validated immune-stimulatory mechanisms including pro-inflammatory cytokines and costimulatory receptor agonists to engage the immune system to fight cancer. Werewolf’s conditionally activated proinflammatory cytokines (INDUKINES™️) and multivalent antibody molecules are designed to act selectively within the tumor microenvironment and recruit a powerful anti-tumor immune response, while sparing unwanted effects in non-tumor tissues. Our mission is to deliver a clinically meaningful impact for cancer patients.

Our team is advancing a rich pipeline covering distinct immuno-stimulatory mechanisms with the objective to rapidly advance multiple candidates into clinical development.