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Transformative Cancer Therapies.

Targeted Impact.

A werewolf is a creature that can shape-shift, changing from its unassuming human form into a dangerous predator under specific conditions.

Werewolf Therapeutics is developing medicines designed to be delivered systemically, but remain inactive in the body until they reach the tumor microenvironment, where they stimulate a powerful immune response and unleash an attack on cancer cells.

Transforming the Future of Cancer Treatment

Werewolf Therapeutics is advancing a pipeline of next generation, transformative cancer treatments: Immuno-stimulatory medicines designed to focus the body’s immune response to selectively target cancer cells. Werewolf is re-imagining proven cancer killing mechanisms that have traditionally exhibited intolerable systemic toxicity. Using our PREDATOR™️ protein engineering approach, Werewolf is developing highly potent pro-inflammatory cytokines and costimulatory multivalent receptor agonists – ushering in a new era of tumor-targeting, systemically delivered drugs with the potential to deliver more effective, less toxic treatments for people with cancer.

PREDATOR™ Technology

Focused immune targeting and activation
Our PREDATOR™ protein engineering technology enables novel therapies designed to:
Exhibit superior tolerability and drug-like properties when administered systemically as inactive pro-drugs
Undergo transformation to the active state only upon reaching the tumor microenvironment
Deliver the full biological potency of well-validated cytokines and agonistic antibodies directly to the tumor site for maximum therapeutic potential

Proven Team

Our team consists of experienced and driven physician-scientists and industry veterans with deep experience in protein engineering and a proven track record of delivering effective cancer immunotherapies to the clinic and market.